So What’s This Blog All About?

My main reason in starting a blog is that I really love art. And I really want to make art. But I really suck at art. Yeah, I took some photography classes in high school and college back when we stood in the dark mixing chemicals and dinosaurs ruled the earth. And I’ve sporadically participated in the 52 week Dogwood Photography challenge. (

Time and inspiration have hampered me there, though it’s why I linked my Flickr account. (Even though the most recent photos showing were my entries for the Iowa State Fair and not for art.) None of that is really saying much.

I’ve decided to start sketching every day to help remedy the latter. One piece of advice I’ve read in multiple places is to create a blog or site or some way of regularly sharing these sketches; this is to help keep me motivated as I push out of my comfort zone.

Within my comfort zone are reading, fluting, crocheting, and geeking out over Doctor Who/Firefly/Sherlock/Red Dwarf/Stranger Things, video games (mostly classic & arcade with Skyrim and No Man’s Sky notable exceptions), Coca-Cola, pinball, astronomy, my cats, my dogs, and other nerdy-type things. Don’t be too surprised if sometimes they crop up here.

Hang In there with me; hope you enjoy, and if you have any ideas to guide me or shove me forward on my artistic journey, I appreciate it!