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Blog Post 11/2/16

My heart really isn’t in this today – it is aching for the family, friends, and community of the officers ambushed in Des Moines and Urbandale (Iowa) last night. I am originally from Johnston, Urbandale’s sister suburb of Des Moines, so it really hits home for me. 

We live in an ugly, corrupt world. The only thing I can say is to quote The Green Mile. “I’m just tired of everyone being ugly to one another.” We yell, we scream, we kill each other. Everyone is offended, everyone makes excuses, no one accepts responsibility. We have the two most repugnant excuses of human beings running for the most important leadership position in the world. Worse? One of them will win.

It is hard to remember that there is still beauty. There are still good people doing good things. To try to move forward, here is (most of) my original planned post:

Title: Gimme a Break

This is another non-life model (though I really want one now). The lettering was much more difficult than I expected, and the image of the chocolate was easier, but it’s far from well done. My coloring needs work. One thing I’m happy with is that my proportions are getting better. And in the process of drawing these images I am enjoying some of the new things I’m noticing, such as the angle of the A on the Zagnut, and the narrow curves on the lettering here and the colors of the loops.

It was kind of hard to focus today, but I did the best I could, because even though I suck at art, it is a way to help me step back from everything. It probably helps that I suck at it, as that forces me to focus. Were it easy for me, my mind wold wander more.