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Happy Easter!

Regardless of your religion or faith, today was beautiful and I hope it was for you, too.

Literally beautiful.

We had some severe storms roll in last night: damaging winds, large hail…the worst was to the north, and they, thankfully, also have no damage reports. Today the sun shone gloriously. Seventy degrees, a bit of a wind – enough to make it too chilly for my husband to fish but pleasant otherwise – partly cloudy later in the day. Thanks to the rain, it smelled wonderful; I believe the word for that is petrichor (thanks, Doctor Who!), and for whatever reason the flowers and trees and all the colors were vivid and brilliant.

Like usual, I walked the dogs separately this morning. I’m used to seeing a lot of people out and about. Although I identify a Christian, we haven’t attended church in several years, so I rise later than usual on a Sunday, and it’s that time of day. Today there were significantly more than usual (and there are seven churches within three blocks – or less – of our house), and I attributed that to the holiday.

It was SO nice today, though, that I took my own walk just a little bit ago. And there were STILL a lot of people out and about. Some of that was weather, and clearly some of that was holiday, because a lot of people are visiting family. And I realized that I have never been at home, in town, for Easter. We’ve always been out of town – either in Cedar Rapids at my grandma’s house or in Johnston with my parents. 

What I’m going to write next is going to be very judgemental. (You’ve been warned.) It IS followed but a BUT, though, and as we all know when a sentence is followed with a “but” that second half is what you reallly mean.

I’ve never been all that impressed with the town I live in. Due to several factors, we have a higher percentage of folks that “live hard,” shall we say. We have pretty much the whole spectrum, but we have more “rough” families than most communities. 

BUT….this town always surprises me. 

Today, the surprise came in all the people I saw out and about this afternoon. Some were out walking their dogs, riding bikes, or just taking walks. There were kids on scooters, people grilling out (I almost want a hotdog right now, and I hate hot dogs!) and people just hanging out on the porch or on the flat beds of trucks – spending time with each other. I don’t get to see that side of the town’s values very often, and it was so clear today! And so refreshing to see1

At one house there was an Easter egg hunt going on. The adults counted down, then the kids all ran around. What was really cool is that there was a wide age range of kids, and the older ones did a great job of leaving the eggs that were out in the open for the younger ones to get, while they searched in trees and under lawn items and such. 

There’s a road closed not far from my house, and another family was using that open space to play baseball. This is such an Anatoly anywhere in this day and age, and it just delighted me to see it and what inspired me to write this post.

It’s not that I doin’t have a good time with my family when we go visit for holidays and such. Heck, we had a hunt for my nieces and nephews yesterday and played games. Except for the hunt, it was mostly indoor fun, since it was gearing up for storms all day and unpleasant to be outside.

But even when there was more family to gather, it didn’t look like what I saw today. Most of my family was kind of old. There was good food and good laughter, but not the level of activity I saw. I wasn’t jealous, but I loved what I was seeing. It was surprising because of my judgemental attitude, and it was surprising because I didn’t think anyone did stuff like that anymore.

I hope that you were able to spend time with someone important and had some fun today, regardless of your belief system, and I hope the weather was as wonderful for you as it was for us.