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A Blogger by Any Other Name…


That’s me.

But what does it mean? Have I misspelled a beloved character from Harry Potter? And what’s with the number?

The story behind my name is actually pretty simple. The number is just my birth year backwards, and I only use it when someone else has used “Dawby.” (Including myself when I’ve forgotten login information and find it easier to start a new account instead.)

Dawby was my college nickname. I haven’t had many nicknames in my life I can count them on one hand with two fingers left over. When I started college, I couldn’t decide if I was going to continue as Jessi or adopt my full name of Jessica. Holding a theater work study position…with a boy named Jesse…solved that problem. 

Our director would holler my (our) name, and we’d both come running, which meant no work was getting done. So she took our last names and turned them into nicknames. He became Hank, which never stuck, and I became Dawby. All my theater friends started calling me that, and it stuck.

Even now, though we rarely see each other in person, when we do, that’s still my name. Sometimes, they even use it on Facebook.

And since I’ve long since married and moved away and no one in my current circle uses it, it makes a great user name, and it’s a difficult one for my students to track down.