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I Don’t Mean to Brag, But…

Actually, I don’t want to brag. This week’s topic is: My Proudest Moment, and it’s giving me some trouble.

The thing is, like most people, I just don’t think my life is all that interesting, and I certainly haven’t done anything that most people would consider extraordinary. Heck, I don’t even have kids, so I can’t brag on them, either. I am an average person, living an average life. This isn’t what I had in mind when I was a kid and dreaming about the future, but it is what it is, and I’m (mostly) OK with that.

There are a handful of small, personal accomplishments that, though aren’t above and beyond, are things that were challenging for me, and I’m pretty proud of them. However, I think “above and beyond” is required criteria in order to pick a single proud moment, so I’m just going to list some of those small ones. 

In no particular order….

-I trained my German Shepherd (in a class, but dog training….not my thing)

-Best of show in crochet at the Iowa State Fair

-multiple top solo awards on flute in band, jazz band, and solo/ensemble contest (back in high school, but still) — and best drum major at state marching band (and many other marching competitions)

-mastering the flute solos in “The Nutcracker” (that “Chinese” is a killer)

-that triple I made in softball way back in 6th grade

-magna cum laude with honors college graduation

-started a blog – on drawing!!!

-read the entire unabridged Les Miserables

fixed the Keurig coffee maker myself

-mastered the fine art of pie crust making

-with a lot of exercise, more attentive eating, and a lot of stick-to-it-iveness I lost 35 pounds — and kept it off