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It’s Really Not Such a Bad Little Tree

I come from a Charlie Brown family. Things tend not to work out very well for us. We luck out a lot.

Growing up, we always had great trees. For a long time, we had real ones, but even when we went artificial, they were big and full, with plenty of room for the ornaments my grandma got my brother and I every year, plus all the ones my parents (well, Dad) had as well as all those ordinary colored balls.

I’ve never owned such a tree. My first one gave Charlie Brown’s tree a run for it’s money in pathetic. It was small even for our first apartment and the tiny house we had after that. It was REALLY pathetic when we got a lightly larger house in the country.

Then my parents got me a new one, and it looked pretty good in that house – even with tall ceilings. It was a pretty small room, so it worked. 

Then we moved into this house. It was built 1900 (give or take), with 12 foot ceilings. Now, it suffers from a lot of tiny rooms, but our living room is pretty spacious. This tree is dwarfed.

I did manage to get it up today – and though my husband doesn’t help (and didn’t clear a path in the basement) – he DID help haul the tree and boxes upstairs. And he didn’t compete too much with the Christmas music I was playing. There are no colored balls. There’s ONE string of lights (which I thankfully remembered this morning on the way to the gym that our old ones were terrible and to buy new). 

I cannot fit all my ornaments on it. I have a huge collection of Coca-Cola, and my grandma got me an angel ornament (or 2 or 3) every year until I was 18 – and then she kept going every now and then if she saw one she thought I’d like. Chris doesn’t have any from growing up, but my family and I feel bad for him, so he has a handful.

In honor of my Charlie Brown family and my Charlie Brown tree, I drew it. I started out with graphite sticks, but it really needed color, so I used some colored pencils on top of it. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, but I should have just gone colored pencil from the beginning. It was wise not to use oil pastels.

The nice thing about this is the simplicity and it doesn’t require much lending – lots of lines,  I can do that! 

Next week is madrigal dinner for my husband’s choir, so it will be medieval week for sketching.

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A More Modern Look In Only Two Tries

This took far fewer attempts than the last one, and although I should have pencil sketched it first, I did not. I’m aiming for a variety of styles, and this gave a cool modern look.

Ignore the note about a TV – lol!

I wasn’t happy with attempt number one (left). Yeah, it’s rough, but it was the star that bugged me most. My pen lacked the fine tip I needed, plus I drew it with saggy arms.

The one on the right, not too bad. I liked the first’s angle much better, then the second is a much better project.

This week, I had really hoped to have one of my drawings use the watercolor pencils, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time. I ran out of time today, thus the more simple sketch. Tomorrow I’m putting our tree up (in addition to the normal. Saturday chores, ugh!), and since I work alone, it takes forever. I know what I want to do, but we’ll see….

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Even Simpler Yet

True confession time: I sketched this and wrote this blog yesterday. Hello, future reader!

It may not be Thanksgiving week, but I am meeting some friends to celebrate a birthday tomorrow, and that always takes all night.   Most likely Thursday will be in advance as well. Knitting night. (Even if I crochet instead of knit.)

And since I did two sketches in one night, I decided to explore another medium (pen) and go “doodle-style.” I did try another doodle first, but it didn’t turn out right in two tries. I’m going to keep at it and try to make it for Thursday.

This isn’t quite as clean as I’d like it to be. I liked the asymmetry of t he original, but I don’t like how it turned out here. I’m not so happy with the star, either. Perhaps I should have used a finer tip pen.