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Friday Feature – Dawby’s Doodles and Dithering

I’m so honored to be noticed, let alone featured.

You should check out Jenn’s blog, too – she’s got some awesomely imaginative work!

Jenn Coulbeck Art

Hi Gang,

I am really excited to actually be able to write my first Friday Feature.

I approached Dawby via their twitter account – I don’t know if you can actually IM on WordPress – and asked if I could feature them on my blog, and excitingly, they’ve agreed! So bare with me if this feature is a little ropey, it’s the first one I’ve written for this blog (And hopefully the first of many)

img_1989-1Everything I appreciate about art is displayed in Dawby’s blog! That might come across as a strange statement, saying someone else’s blog something that sum up how I feel about art, but it’s so true here. If I could start my own artistic journey again, I would find absolutely no shame in following in her footsteps – and I feel absolutely wonderful to be able to see their artwork growing and the ideas that they…

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