Posted in Week 49 August 2017 Challenge (2) 8/6/17-8/12/17

Hysterical….I Guess

Yesterday I had a million ideas and zero time. Today I have all the time in the world and zero ideas.

Admittedly, this is a stretch, especially since I really try to avoid drawing people, which was my first instinct.

My mom, for example. She has this laugh. I always knew when (and where) she was in an audience when I was in a play. And when she gets going…especially if it’s late and she’s tired…she really gets going. And the more wild the laugh gets, the funnier she finds it, and the harder it is for her to stop. It’s really something.

Again, because I am terrible at drawing people, I wanted to avoid that, if possible. I think it’s because the desire to be realistic is high, and this is especially true if it is someone I know. I do not need that level of frustration, so I chose something that would make my mom laugh hysterically.

As a kid, I enjoyed USA’s Cartoon Express, and one of my most liked cartoons on that show was Space Ghost. As many of you know, Cartoon Network then created a show on Adult Swim called Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, which I stumbled upon one summer in high school. Loved it. Even my dad got into, although it was on later than he would normally stay up. 

Personally, I am a Zorak fan, and I do not know what the situation was that my mom was watching as well (they hit the hay at the same time), but boy does she think Brak is funny! It really came out of nowhere! And, like I said, once she gets going… Of course, it is now a running joke in our family. 

So here is Brak. I am not at all happy with how it turned out, although he’s recognizable, so it’ll do. I am also thinking that when these pens get used up, I most likely will not replace them. The black ones are fine and I can see myself using them often, but the color palette of the others is not terribly useful. Plus, it’s difficult to fill in large areas (and terrible to do so on the paper in my favorite type of sketchbook, so I would need to purchase something separate) with the fine tip. (And these areas were not all that big.) 



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