Posted in Week 48 July/August 2017 Challenge 7/30/17-8/5/17

First (Follow Me on this One)

It might seem like a stretch, but Saturn was the first thing I found on my own in a telescope at approximately 11 years of age.

As I was using a tiny scope, it did not look anything like this, so I used this sketch  by another observer with better equipment than I have even now.

The sketch is….OK, I guess. The piece as a whole, less so. I used my watercolor colored pencils which I am extremely unskilled in, and I can count on one hand (with two fingers left over) the number of times I have used them correctly. I did have fun while I was layering colors. My set is pretty small, so there are not a lot of nuances to the colors I have, and most are brighter than I wanted. I tried to dilute them with white and gray, but it did not really work, nor did adding water. (Which was also not as accurate – staying within lines – as I would have liked.)

The effect was not quite what I thought, but I am glad I tried.

I also tried the effect of adding more color layers after the paper had dried. I am not entirely sure what I expected to happen, even after reading articles on this technique, but it really did not do much…maybe intensified color. It certainly didn’t help soften the edges on the banding or help with blending. Again, it was worth a try.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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