Posted in Week 48 July/August 2017 Challenge 7/30/17-8/5/17

Paper Bag: Hiding

After this I will have the write sketches on the right day. 😜

Again, I did draw from life, although the cat is just a stuffed cat. No way would mine stay in the bag when I wanted them to, but I did try. One kept moving around, one sat on top of it, and one played with the stuffed cat’s tail while I was trying to sketch. At least they keep life entertaining.

The shading is odd, but accurate. Well…mostly. The top was full on in the light, but I added some shade to it. In real life the actual paper bag looked fine, but in my sketch, having just the sided shaded looked wrong. The opening is not quite accurate but I think it looks OK, and I got the angles right – yay! – without the use of a ruler. Some of the lines are actually too straight, however I really believe I am making progress.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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