Posted in Week 47 July 2017 Challenge (2) 7/23/17-7/29/17

Fire: It Was as Pleasure to Burn

Way back when I started this blog I wrote about this, probably the most influential book I have ever written. Today’s prompt was fire, and although my first thought was as candle, someone else’s submission reminded me of this. They did a word/sketch progression of firefly-ladybug-firebug, and drew matches for the last.

Now, I did look at existing covers/posters for inspiration and did use an image for the main part, but I added the phoenix (as well as title and author). I knew I wanted to include the bird rising from the flames, and when I looked at images, this particular one alsolooked a bit like flames.

I am very happy with how it turned out…98%, anyway. The 2% dissatisfaction is that I can still see pencil marks in the lighter areas, the 451 is crooked, and I did not spend enough time blending my marks.

I used Prismacolors 938 white, 916 canary yellow, 924 crimson red, 937 Tuscan red, 1002 yellowed orange, 943 burnt ochre, 941 light umber, and 935 black. There is no colore blending, but there is some light burnishing to blend the marks.

This took several attempts, and I switched to large paper (which I rarely use) to get the proportions and layout just right.



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