Posted in Week 46 July 2017 Challenge (1) 7/16/17-7/22/17

Sloppy (Don’t Cry)

This, I think, is a better use of white on black than my previous attempts. A clear glass would have been even better, but I am not quite ready for that – not from life (and I am not going to deliberately spill milk) nor from a photo, and there were no white on black sketches of a clear glass of spilled milk that I could find to model after.

I went through several ideas for a topic on this theme, and originally I thought it was messy.. When I read sloppy, that, of course, changed everything, and I finally landed on this. I DID have to use a photo

As I said, I think this is a more effective use of white charcoal on black paper than what I did before. It was tough to get any shading in, and it shows up slightly better in the photo than in real life. It works best on the side of the pitcher but not so much the milk itself or the lettering.

I used both stick and pencil white charcoal as well as medium black charcoal in both stick and pencil form. There was also an attempt at creative use of a kneaded eraser, but I was even less good at that. I am also still working on smoothing out the charcoal to make the marks less noticeable. They are better in the ‘finishe’ version here than when I first filled in the space but still very noticeable.

I took much more time than usual on it, and my favorite part of the process – and proudest – was once I had the basic shape down, I set the photo aside and just worked with my drawing. I really have not been able to do that yet, and certainly not to the extent that. I was able today. 

Overall, I am pleased with the result and am seeing a glimmer of progress.



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