Posted in Week 46 July 2017 Challenge (1) 7/16/17-7/22/17

Extreme, or… Learn to Use a Ruler

I would really like to find my own style and start to sketch without relying so much on the work of others. So I decided to attempt some of these sketching/doodling challenges I keep finding on Pinterest and in Google searches.

The one from Sketchbook Skool seems challenging enough without being overwhelming, so I am going to give it a shot and have even joined the Facebook group. As I progress, not only am I hoping to find my own style and inspiration, but I would like to narrate less when I post in my blog. Ideally, if I am not using so many existing images to – let’s just say the word: copy – I will have less to say about my work, so those goals should go hand in hand.

However, I have already had to use a model image, as today’s theme is “extreme.” All I could think of was extreme sports, and although I could probably (maybe) draw a skateboard or something without a model, it doesn’t make as much sense for extreme unless a person is using that item.

There was no way I could get out of drawing a person (which I do not feel ready to attempt fully at this time, but I found some really cool photography here. I am not entirely sure of the name of the photographer, but the photos on the site are really amazing. I chose this image to do a quick sketch:

It works for extreme in at least three ways.

1 – the activity of rappelling down a bridge

2 – the angle and perspective of the bridge

3 – the dark/light color contrast

Here are my results:

My biggest regret is not using a ruler or a defined perspective point. And defining where the left side of the bridge ends and the ladder attached to it begins. And my little dude is a little too big proportion-wise.



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