Posted in Week45 Photo Sketches 7/9/17-7/15/17

Little Church in the Big Woods 

But I did not draw the woods.

I am still trying to find that balance between rough sketching for practice and adding detail as a more complete study and finished piece. 

For the most part, not only am I (mostly) happy with how this turned out, I had FUN drawing this. No, it is not finished. No, the proportions are not realistic. No, the shadows do not make a lot of sense. Yes, I do need to revisit perspective, although it is better than previous sketches this week.

But….I pieced a lot of it together that was hidden behind foliage in the original picture, and I got the “big idea” which is one of my main goals. And like yesterday’s model, it’s is an image I would like to come back to – either do again or add to it, but I think I will keep this one in the pencil medium.

Original photo with link.




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