Posted in Week45 Photo Sketches 7/9/17-7/15/17

A Mess, Even for Something Meant to be Sketchy

It’s been a tough day…and a busy one…and my focus is not where it needs to be.

And my sketch shows it. I could not find that balance between a rough sketch and level of detail. Big open spaces needed to be filled, then it got beyond me. I couldn’t quite get the petals on the flower, although the juxtaposition of the flower with the barn in the background is what drew me to this subject in the first place. Proportions are all over the place, as are styles, and it’s just…a mess.

I can be OK with that. I can learn from it. Maybe I will try this same subject tomorrow…or not. I know I will revisit it at some point, as I think I thought it would make a good acrylic, which is why I saved it in the first place. Plus, the color is the main “pop.”

Model image and link:

 Mine (as presented by Opus): 



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