Posted in Week 44 Drawing from Life 7/2/17-7/8/17

Not Quite From Life

I used a photo, but I AM going to this place later today. It is the Ashton Observatory where the Des Moines Astronomical Society meets, of whiche I am a board member. We have our summer picnic today, but I am not staying for stargazing, partly because of the full moon and the number of hours it takes from my day..but I am just not feeling up for much. I think my husband’s absence is starting to take its toll, plus some other stuff that is going on.

As such, I almost did not sketch (again) today. I had three other potential subjects, but when I sat down to do them, I just couldn’t and took a nap instead. Then I felt guilty and took each dog to the bark park.

To be honest, I am not 100% set on going, but my picnic is packed, so I might as well. And I’ll feel guilty as heck for not using my telescope or solar scope and just showing up, eating – not even bringing a dish to share (I made one but it did not turn out well, so I am not taking it) – and leaving. I am forcing myself to go – even though I am not totally feeling up to it – because I have not spoken in person to another human being since Tuesday…well, the checkout line at the grocery store, but that hardly counts.

My sketch/doodle really is nothing special, and I struggle with all that detail, going against the whole sketch vs finished study thing, but it looked really stupid without the trees…. The subject did help, though, as the building is pretty plain Jane – the greatest detail is on the domes, and except for where they open for the scopes, I left that detail out.

I am not sketching it in person for two reasons. 1 – I am bashful about sketching and do not want other people around me. 2 – I would have to sit out in the field to get the whole view, and that is just not going to happen.



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