Posted in Week 44 Drawing from Life 7/2/17-7/8/17

View from a Window, or a “Rough” Neighborhood

No model photo today, mostly because it is my neighbor’s shed, and I do not think she’d appreciate me taking pictures of her property —- and she is not home to ask. Also, it is hot and sticky and gross outside, and I am very tired and have a headache I need to go nap off here in a minute.

I am not pleased with this sketch. I am still struggling with the appropriate amount of detail for a rough sketch as well as proportions. I also rushed given the circumstances above.

Perspective is something I should probably revisit. It was also really hard to do the shading on the overly large tree while maintaining the roughness of the bark. I am wondering how to hint at that texture without doing the whole trunk….

Thankfully, the shed itself is in full sun, so I did not have to worry about that, though it was tricky between the slats of the fence…especially since there were leaves from a tree in my yard obscuring some of that. I considered just not sketching that portion, but it looked really stupid – even for a rough sketch – to have just the portion above the fence with blank spaces in between the slats.

Still, though, a year ago my sketch – even rough – would not have turned out quite so well. (But that is not really saying much. But progress, however slow, is still progress.)



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