Posted in Week 44 Drawing from Life 7/2/17-7/8/17

A “Rough” Week Planned for Valuable Learning Experience

Don’t expect much from this week. Expect a lot of rough/unfinished/unskilled. The point is for me to learn more about drawing from life and to gain more practice in doing so.

I’m using tips and advice gleaned from this site on the subject. However, today it’s too hot/humid and it’s hard to tell when/if/how hard it will rain, so I stayed inside and did a portion of my weak poinsettia:

Although I was hoping to gain some ground in accurate positioning, lines, etc, I did not succeed. However, I learned some things about layering. I did a week of colored pencil work and learned a lot, but even then I was worried about branching out on my own and not having someone tell me what shades to use and when and in what order. Today I got a chance to try it out for myself. 

Does it look good? Not necessarily, but it is a sketch not a finished study or piece of art. The flower petal comes the closest (using Prismacolors 926, 924, and 925). It is also the only one where I did veins beyond what is in the center.

The leaves, I think, have the right shades (PC 989, 913, 909, and 908) thought not necessarily in the right order – or not enough – and certainly not blended appropriately Having a sketch versus a finished work may be one of my biggest challenges this week.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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