Posted in Week 43 Black Paper 6/25/17 - 7/1/17

God Speed, Mr. Dawby

That’s not his name, of course, but this morning I saw my husband off on his two week teaching stint in China. He was in the air for the 14 hour flight from Chicago exactly 44 minutes again (as I am typing – I am sure it will be closer to an hour once I actually post.)

I am super anxious. I didn’t want him to go…but even more I didn’t want him NOT to go. What an opportunity! He will be teaching Chinese middle schoolers in choir at an immersion school in a province I cannot pronounce, let alone spell…

I am pretty sure I have the correct flight on a tracker, and once he lands I can relax…a bit. I am not a nervous flier per se…but I do always fear the worst case  scenario, and when I am flying take offs and landings are the worst. Once I am in the air, I am OK. I feel even more nervous since I am not with him. Hey, if I was also going to China and something happened, at least we’d be together. He Skyped me twice – once when landing at O-Hare to test it out and once right before boarding for China. The connection was poor, so I have no idea what the last thing he said was! 😧

I’m sure he’ll be fine. People do this all the time. There are hundreds (thousands) of flights around the world every day and issues are few and far between. Statistically he has a better chance of being killed by a shark, so there you have it.

What’s the point of all this on an art post? One – to get it off my chest. Two – to introduce the topic/subject, which is a collectible beer glass, probably antique, that was my grandfather’s and now belongs to my husband, who is a beer fan and occasioanl home brewer. I chose it for its simple design and the fact that I can turn the design away so as not to let it affect my sketch….and to “toast” my husband’s departure with art.

Here is the model:

And here is my sketch:

When I took the photo of the glass I tried to make the reflections match what I saw when I drew but I just could not quite get it to line up the same. For example, I could not see the reflections on the left hand side, and the photo shows a second “square” in the bottom center of the bowl that was not in view as I drew.

The base is overly large, and the bowl of the glass gave me even more trouble than usual.. Both of those pieces are typical challenge for me. My angles are more consistent than usual and although not necessarily appropriately applied, I am getting better at varying the pressure applied to my charcoal pencil.



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