Posted in Week 43 Black Paper 6/25/17 - 7/1/17

Not Bad for a Quick Sketch!

This video was a bit hard to listen to, because (and she probably cannot help it) the speaker has this voice that is…harsh/grating.

However, it was easy enough to follow, though I gained more by watching what she did rather than listening to her words. My sketch came out OK and a little less uneven than usual. Not all the reflections make sense to me, but they probably would were I drawing from life like she was. 

I could use more work/practice with different values of white as everything is heavy handed. A light touch is not working with my pencil and paper combo though. However, in all honesty, I did not attempt it today.

I am really attempted to dig out some glass and take a stab at my own, but I am scared. I am scared of messing up (kind of a personality problem of mine in general) – because lack of skill and worried that I will be distracted by other things in my line of sight that will show up in the sketch. I have some lovely glassware, though, that would be great subjects…



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

2 thoughts on “Not Bad for a Quick Sketch!

  1. Try!! The path to success is paved with mistakes. The difference is that the successful people are those who learn from their mistakes. Never be afraid to do something wrong, as there is nothing that can’t be fixed/redone/retried.

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