Posted in Week 43 Black Paper 6/25/17 - 7/1/17

The Black Paper Experiment

Actually, the intention was to experiement with white charcoal in both stick and pencil form, but I have a feeling I will be going beyond that. Mainly because I lack the skill to do much with white charcoal alone but also because there are some other cool things out there…

Of course, my black paper pad does not have very many sheets, so it is a bit costly for the amount you get, but it IS meant to be used. I just do not want my efforts to be wasted.

Today’s idea came from a video I meant to use as a tutorial, but as a tutorial, it was not very good (which is why I am not including a link). I am using what are probably the worst white charcoal pencils ever, but I will wait to give a review on Amazon (I received an e-mail from the company asking me to do so) until I have had a chance to work with them some more. I am hoping that aside from the color being broken in the core of the wood that issue I had in sketching with it are either user error or a flaw on one part of my paper.

I traced everything, which is why I am miraculously and suddenly accurate/consistent then shaded in. One spot on my paper was really difficult, so I did use some stick charcoal in that area. (Which also did not want to work, so I am hoping it is the paper and not the tool. There are plenty of companies that make black paper, but the white charcoal was much harder to find.) I then used a paper towel to even out the ‘coloring’ marks.  

As a piece of art, I am not fond of it, but it served its purpose and I got some good practice in lifting my hand and not dragging it through my drawing.



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