Posted in Week 41 - Rain 6/11/17 - 6/17/17

Running Late Today & Trying My First Human for the First Time in a Long While

And I like how she turned out!

My last attempt at people was back in December for Christmas Carol week. They turned out better than expected, but there was still much to be desired.

Running late, because no one told me until about half an hour before that my parents were doing the Father’s Day thing today … and it is a 75 minute drive. So we had to up and run to Des Moines and spent most of the day there today, so I did not get to sketch until 9pm. (Got home just in time to watch Doctor Who, and that, of course, takes priority!)

I was going for simple/quick and this sort of was, but not quite. I was nervous about drawing even a cartoon person, but I did a decent job focusing on shapes, angles, etc. and she looks OK!

Here is the model: from here.

Here is my rendition. Now, before I blogged I noticed that I forgot her ears, and she did look better without them in my version. Oh well.

I had intended to sketch lightly in pencil then go over it with pen, but it turned out so well as is, that I did not want to potentially ruin it.

Tomorrow could be a bit late as well, as we will be visiting my husband’s parents. (And since I saw my own today I won’t get out of it and make my own schedule. That sound really cold, but there is a whole big story behind my attitude that I will not get into. But they have earned it.)

It is also week 42, and I am tempted to do something inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. However, I do not really want to do fan art, and I have done space at least once, if not twice, so we shall see. I have been saving a lot of patterns and bullet journal/moleskin art on Pinterest. There is also the matter of the white charcoal I recently purchased and want to experiment with. . . Plus, today’s has me thinking about attempting other similar sketches with cartoon people, so I dunno. 



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