Posted in Week 41 - Rain 6/11/17 - 6/17/17

Hey, Look! Finally I Did My Own Thing!

….and this is why I still use other peoples’ work as models.

Actually, I don’t really hate it, but it really is not anything special and is not as good as the last couple I have done this week.

My main goal was to experiement/try out some new dual brush pens I got in grayscale tones, while sticking to this week’s theme of rain.

For a doodle, it will do. I like that I stuck with some variety – and did try to lay the clouds out in an interesting way, although the piece lacks cohesion and looks like a mishmash. I also can’t help but do some matrixing: I see faces in the clouds….

No Opus today; he chose not to join me. As much space as he takes up and as annoying as he is, I missed him. He is happily curled up and snoring to wake the dead on a pile of clothes on my husband’s side of the closet. They’re dark clothes, so he is practically invisible when his eyes are closed, and I panicked for a moment when I could not initially find him.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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