Posted in Week 41 - Rain 6/11/17 - 6/17/17

Finally Got Some Rain Last Night!

That title, although true, has almost nothing to do with today’s sketch/doodle.

We did get the much needed rain, but down where I live it was not much. The areas where I walk the dogs that usually get muddy were almost dry by the time we went out this morning. (And it was not all that long after the rain stopped.)

Today’s image is an almost exact copy of this really cute thing someone did in their Moleskin.

 Here is the Pinterest link. For whatever reason the actual site does not work properly.
Although I am mostly pleased with mine, the angles – especially the umbrella handle (but we can pretend it’s the wind, right? 😜) – are all wrong, and I do not like the little puddles. I do appreciate that my rain – like that in the model – did not turn into an exercise in contour lines. (Which I love to do; it is just not appropriate for this image.)

I have a big space underneath yesterday’s raindrop, and I skipped a page as the charcoal sketch from Sunday had some overlap, so there is a cool result in the corner of the sheet, and I think/want to use it some way. I just do not know what, yet. If I had not done this in pen, it would have been perfect for this.

Note: after posting I added some of the little puddles so it brought that up more in line with the figure’s feet. I was too lazy to redo the photo, but it does look a touch better.



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