Posted in Week 41 - Rain 6/11/17 - 6/17/17


The farmers may say differently, but Iowa could use some rain. It has been quite a while (though at one point I didn’t think it would ever stop) and my porch plants and I would apppreciate it. 

It also really fits my mood.

Needless to say, that potentially positive stress I was feeling most of last week has collapsed, and I am feeling down and dark.

These two images, both by Stas Orlovsky were my inspiration. I tried not to directly copy, but the similarities are greater than the differences.

In mine, I am most pleased with the clouds, although the gradations are more subtle than I intended. 

I tried to use some of the techniques from last week, particularly with:

-mixing mediums (I used charcoal pencil in soft, hard, and medium for the rain with no blending; primarily a soft charcoal pencil and to a small degree a thin vine charcoal and lots of blending as well as kneaded eraser on the puddles; and thick vine charcoal in several layers and brushing for the clouds.)

-as noted, using a kneaded eraser for more than just erasing errors

-brushing (as noted) and layering

I tried really hard, but I do have fingerprint marks, and I tried to blend them in, but it just did not work. I am also not a fan of my puddles, but they will do.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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