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Tutorial 6: Droplets in Charcoal

And it was less successful than those in colored pencil. It has everything to do with me and nothing to do with the video. I think the video does a nice job of explaining what is happening when. I will say that the list of materials is incomplete – he uses more than what is written, but it is nothing extraordinary. 

It does go fast, but hey – you can pause it and go back and rewatch, etc. 

Even if I had done this earlier today (which I really should have as that was the greatest contributing factor in my poor sketch), I do not think this would have turned out well any way. There is a huge stress (potentially positive) in my life right now, and I almost did not draw at all. But as soon as I start skipping….. (the sooner I won’t do this at all) I am just super shaky and distracted and unfocused.

My results:

It did use some techniques and tools I was less familiar with – particular with the vine charcoal, brushes, and the kneaded eraser. And he is MUCH more skilled with an eraser than I am!

If you were to attempt this, I would highly suggest using a larger sheet of paper.  This book is a 5×7, and it was next to impossible to do some of the detailing in the video…unless you already have some experience, especially with a kneaded eraser.

I am glad I tried it, but it was a poor choice for me today, or actually, this week at all. I chose it because I needed simple, but I did not want to go as simple as I did yesterday.



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