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Tutorial 4: Biting off More than I Can Chew with a new YouTuber

This does not mean it was a poor tutorial! As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed this video by Maskd J on YouTube on how to draw a leaf with droplets and found it easy to follow her instructions.

Drawing realistic water and glass really intrigues me, and I have countless Pinterest pins of glass and water drops as inspiration – all looking much more difficult than I think I can do. This seemed achievable, and to most, it probably is. There are several comments (and she encourages on her instagram, etc.) of people posting their results of her video, and most look pretty good. (By the way, she does take requests.)

The lack of success (at least in the drops) I had has everything to do with me, my skill level, and my ability to execute (even the most basic of instructions). The leaf itself is…OK – my biggest gripe is the less-than-smooth color change between light and dark near the bottom (‘southeast-ish’) quadrant. The droplets just do not look like droplets. Part of that is skill and a lot of it has to do with pencils that I did not get sharp enough.

I highly recommend this video and (tentatively) anything else by Maskd J if her style is consistent. I used the same colors as suggested in the video description, but I did skip some very small (and optional) detailing with white paint. I really liked that it took some of the same techniques I had just learned in tutorials but used them in a new way.

With her layering, it did turn out burnished, but I did use my tool to smooth out my ‘feathered’ edges and try to blend the more drastic areas better.

I still want to do that apple, bu I could not find the video again.



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