Posted in Week 40 Learning by Tutorial 6/4/17-6/10/17

Tutorial 3: Burnishing for a More Realistic Look, or Whoa! I Drew That?!

I took yesterday’s cherry and followed the McCrae Fine Arts tutorial.

It really feels like cheating doing this on a separate day (although it did take some time). All I did was use a burnishing tool – basically a non-color wax pencil – and using a heavy hand (on purpose this time), blended. 

I had a basic understanding of burnishing from my use of a book to do the flower week, but those instructions combined burnishing with layering and pressing the pencil down hard. Today’s method has the advantage of not adding additional color, as well as not wreaking havoc on my white pencil.

I am pleased with the results — and I thought the original looked pretty good! This reallly does have a realistic look. What I liked the best (aside from the ease of doing this) is learning to use a tool that I had purchased but did not know what to do with. I also liked how it brought out some of the color variations that I knew I had put down but could not really see. 


Mine does not look half as real as hers does but it is head and shoulders above almost everything I have done so far. Although I did follow her video for those shiny spots, I am not happy with any potential light source. 

Not sure what I will do next. She has additional videos, but several are fast sketches and one is about blending with a thinner (one that does not smell or something) which I do not have. Plus, it might be good to take a look at what someone ELSE has done, for variety. There is one of an apple I am eyeing (even though I did an apple ages ago in oil pastels)



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