Posted in Week 40 Learning by Tutorial 6/4/17-6/10/17

More Depth of Color & Trying a Speed Drawing Video for the First Time

Here’s a link to the video – same person: McCrae Fine Arts

I am really getting ready for the burnishing but needed to draw a cherry first, and this was her only how-to on it. I found that following a speed drawing video was not that hard with ONE exception: I cold not tell what color she was using when….and there were eleven colors (four for the stem alone), and she does go back and use some of them more than once.

It is a moderately acceptable cherry, and I did my best to follow her color switching. With so many layers and color changes, I can t ell that some areas are already showing signs of burnishing, tomorrow’s lesson/video.

I did not have all of the same, so I used all the same as she has listed on the video details except replaced raspberry with process red and burnt umber with dark umber. There is also a very good chance that I did not use everything.



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