Posted in Week 40 Learning by Tutorial 6/4/17-6/10/17

Tutorial 2 – Depth of Color

Same person (McCrae Fine ARt) – second video – on depth of color.

Yep, it is another sphere. This layered several colors to make what she said was the color of a peach (which I would not know – see below) but looked like Mars (hers) or Venus (mine) to me.

Here are my results:

Colors used (in order bottom to top layers):

-yellow ochre

-Spanish orange

-orange (she had pumpkin orange, but that is not in my set)

-terra cotta

-Tuscan red

It was reallly interesting to see how these layers worked together, though I think I could have blended better.

The practice was to buy a peach and draw it. Well, I do not like peaches and will not buy them. The flavor is fine but the texture is gross, so it is stupid to buy one.



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