Posted in Week 40 Learning by Tutorial 6/4/17-6/10/17

Trying some Tutorials

There. Is a lot I have to learn.

A lot.

And based on one of the trees last week, I apparently can learn from watching videos, so that is what I am going to try this week. McCrae Fine Art on YouTube has several how-tos with good reviews, and she is working with colored pencils (at least in the series I have started with), which is an area I know I need to improve.

Although she does OK stating which number it is in the video itself, they are not clearly labeled, so it was hard to tell where to start. I did figure it out and started with  this video about creating even layers.

Here are my results:

 No, it does not look like much, but I learned a few things:
-a better way to fill in areas – and she even demo’d some what-not-to-dos….that I was doing

-a better way to do darker shades — by lingering rather than pushing down harder on the pencil

-a better way to HOLD the pencil

I am wondering if some of these – especially in regards to shading – can work with regular pencils as well. I shall have to try it out! 

Look, as someone who really has not had good luck in following video tutorials, t his I could do. Is it the best out there? The worst? I have no idea. It probably falls somewhere in between. However, she’s got a lot of good reviews and positive comments, plus I can follow it, and isn’t that a mark of a successful how-to video?

I think there are enough of these that it will carry me through the week, with the next one about layering with additional colors.



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