Posted in Week 39 Trees 5/28/17 - 6/3/17

Baby Steps

Both in recovery and in drawing.

Same model:  this time using the bottom right as the inspiration (and I did vary it more than usual) from this site.

I think I did better  – the “leaf-ing” is not so sharp. I used smaller strokes, and that alone made the sharpness almost disappear. This time I also layered dark to light (yesterday I did the opposite). It did make for some muddiness in the center, but I think the effect is better overall. 

The biggest problem is that I probably used one too many shades of green. Two was plenty, although without that lightest shade it really strays from the original and is very dark.

What I do not like is that my “leaf-ing” feels a lot like just coloring, although there was much more thought involved. I began with the trunk and branches, then started leaves in the same shade (sepia), making it more dense at the bottom than the stop.  Next I took olive green and mostly worked around the dark leaves and working further up. Then I took my lime peel pencil and finished up from the middle to top, working some into the bottom but not much. 

That is where I SHOULD have stopped, but I did not think it was ‘light’ enough, so I took the spring green and filled in any remaking spaces, of which there were almost none, and did a lot around the edges in the top third. With each color, there is some near the bottom and middle, thus the muddy layering. I was hoping it would pull it all together, and maybe more thoughtful placement…maybe smaller areas of sepia…might have made this more successful. 

Finally, I added just a touch of terra cotta to the trunk and a couple of the more visible branches, probably more than I needed. I tried doing a bit more with the olive green to help count that, but to no avail.

It is one of my better looking trees this week, so for that I am grateful.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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