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Still (slightly) Under the Weather but Not Giving Up

Not from the zinc, today, but I AM getting that cold or sinus infection or whatever my husband has not been able to shake. I could use a nap, but I needed to make an appointment (and the office was closed until after lunch), so I took the opportunity to get an actual sketch in.

So…today will be somewhat short.

Model:  (third one in the middle row) – from this site (found on Pinterest).

Here is my version:

Attempting to try some of the techniques for leaves from the previous video (my trunk and branches were fine until I added the leaves), I have to say I have not learned much about doing the leaves on trees. At least – not that I have been able to successful achieve. The theory is there. If I had to take a stab at what the biggest problem is, I would guess that my marks are too sharp…unless this was some sort of pine or evergreen, which it clearly is not.

I think I did a better job of “aligning” them to the way branches are pointing, so that is a step in the right direction. I am also learning a lot about color layering with colored pencils – not that I was successful, but through – we’ll call it ‘experimentation’ – I am learning what it looks like and mostly what does not work.



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