Posted in Week 39 Trees 5/28/17 - 6/3/17

Never Take Zinc on an Empty Stomach

My husband has an awful sinus infection going on. I have felt a touch of sore in my throat over the last few days, and I not only hate to be sick, but I really don’t want to be sick at the start of summer break. (When I get sick, it is rare, but it hangs on forEVER.) So I have gone on the offense taking Airborne (vitamin C) and Zinc to hopefully fend it off.

Now, I have made this mistake before and knowingly took it on an empty stomach this morning. My line of thinking was that the last time it wa bad, but I did still manage to work (teach) through it. However, that first time, I had at least had coffee, and I think something else. Today? Nothing at all. Heck, my stomach was growling when I went to bed the night before.

It was bad. Real bad. Now, I’m not going to get graphic, but it is safe to talk through its effect on my day.

I made it through my workout, but I cut the dog walks short. And my shower. Then curled up on the couch in my robe for The Price is Right, sleeping through most of it. I made my husband stop at the post office and pick up lunch for me. (A former co-worker has a mobile sandwich shop, and her special today was called ‘Rangoonies Never Say Die.’ I was not going to miss it, even if I had to wait a while and eat it cold, and had started to feel a little better.)

I mostly slept the rest of the day, waking up only a few minutes ago.

Many plans and routines were upset today, including sketching, but I wanted to make sure to post — and to prove that I am sometimes successful with trees. And it IS something I have not posted before.

Yes, it is a wine and canvas thing.

Yes, it means I did not learn something new today. (But I did when I painted it.)

I am still not at 100%, but I am at least awake and moderately functioning, and tomorrow will provide an opportunity to sketch something fresh.

Still pretty tired…think I’ll take another nap.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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