Posted in Week 39 Trees 5/28/17 - 6/3/17

Second Tree Part 2: Partially Salvaged, or Apparently I Can Learn a Thing or Two from a Video

It’s still not anything to brag about, but my tree can show it’s face without too much embarrassment now. 

I’m not here for the likes, but I cannot help but use them as a semi-gauge for how successful my drawings are, especially when compared to the number of views each sketch receives. At three views and one like, this was not going so well.

However, no one answered my call for help, which is disappointing but OK. I get it. 

As such, I almost set this aside for another day and cruised through Pinterest looking for other arbor inspiration. Low and behold! I found the video to go with the how-to. 

Now, although I love movies and watch way too much TV, aside from the occasional cat video, I really hate watching videos online. I do not know why, but I do. My husband will occasionally have me watch something, and “them’s fightin’ words.” But I gave it a shot, watched a very little bit of the branches part to get a feel for it, then skipped to the leaves.

I also tend to not learn from them very well – except trivia-type stuff. Tell me or let me read about it is how I usually learn. (However, between my blog and the occasional painting class, I am learning that is not necessarily true for me and learning art.)

Things make so much more sense now, and watching how the pencil moved really unlocked something for me.

Is it still super rough and sloppy? -yes

Do I need to slow down and take more time? -absolutely — and that goes for pretty much all my sketches

Have I misunderstood how various pencil types work? -yep

And thus is it heavy-handed? -ugh! Yes!

However….that list of questions/answers can be seen not so much as a list of faults, but as a list of things I am still learning and can continue to work on.

The overall effect is acceptable considering how much I have to learn and WAY better than I thought after stopping yesterday. I do think there is partial success in accounting for the lighting angle (and despite the semi-disaster that is the trunk), but although some might consider it realistic for a tree to have spaces (and they are not wrong!) the white space on this tree is….terrible-looking. 

And that is OK too, because it is just another opportunity to learn from and try again.

Note to self: make sure to set down a cloth or paper to avoid smudges! 



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