Posted in Week 39 Trees 5/28/17 - 6/3/17

A Pause to Reflect, or Second Tree: Part 1 – Send Help!

I tried a new “tutorial” today, and steps one through three  were very easily to follow, then there was a huge leap to step four, and an even larger one to step five. Again, as I started I was thinking I could use it for the rest of the week. Again, I was wrong.

Here is that “tutorial”:  and I worked with various graphite pencils.

Despite that, I was relatively happy with it until I started on the leaves.  These look terrible. I considered giving up entirely, but I am going to take a pause. I am really looking for some constructive advice on how to make it look much better – it does not have to be like the model, but something better than this.

One thing I am learning is that yes, trees are difficult, but it is not so much the branches as it is the foliage. We’re I working with acrylic, possibly even charcoal or pastel also, the technique I started with would not be so bad. However, in pencil, this is not going well – and probably still would not look good even if I drew each individual leaf.



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