Posted in Week 38 Pointillism 5/21/17 - 5/27/17

Glutton for Punishment


No trees are prettier than those in autumn, though May is nice, too. I love the wind rustinling through spring leave, and between recently saving many ideas for them on Pinterest and noticing how lovely the trees are during my dog walks, I just had to get a jump on them. (Plus, they’re on that long to-do list.)

Not sure that was thinking rationally.

I used a worksheet for today, and at first I followed pretty easil, even without written directions – just the visual. I appreciated how it started simple, then kept extending and adding branches. And it made sense. So much so that I considered using the same model all week with various mediums.

Then came the “leaves,” which were mostly just shaped. First, I did not leave enough room on my paper. Second, there is not a clear rhyme or reason – other than basic shaping – for why the “leaves” are the way they are.

Here is the worksheet:

As I was adding those “leaves” I noticed that my own sketch was not lining up in a way that made those bunches make sense….and then I noticed that it did not quite match the original….and then I noticed why: the original itself is not a direct step-by-step add on. My brain did that, but even the branches on the model are NOT the same with each step, and having the original three shift is completely unhelpful. 

Ultimately, I decided that I wold NOT be using this same model all week, but I will make an effort to use a variety of mediums.

Here is my less-than-stellar sketch today. I am NOT happy with it, but I shall try again tomorrow. I have done better trees before, and I know I will do better in the future. Perhaps some clever shading or adding some smaller details (even though I was already using my hardest/finest pencil) might have helped to salvage it, but I just did not think it was worth the effort.

It is good to sometimes fail, and it is not the absolute worst tree or drawing I have done. I have taken something that I can use, and I can discard or adapt what did not. 



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