Posted in Week 38 Pointillism 5/21/17 - 5/27/17

Gee, Look at all the Little Black Dots!

On my list of sketch ideas is “artist study.” This is not so much an artist study than it is a study in technique, but I do love Seurat, the father of pointillism, this week’s theme. The choice came after a conversation with the VP of  our astronomy club, a former professor who wants to maintain her license so needs to take come courses. She’s choosing between art appreciation and anthropology, then we started talking art, Seurat came up, and I thought it would be fun to try the style.

This week I will start with basic shapes and shading, then move on to objects or scenes. This could be a two week plan for reasons explained below, and I don’t want to skip out on all the shapes I found on a technique worksheet. Plus, I’ve found  several of dandelions that I want to try. Most sketches in this style that I have found seem a bit more than I feel confident in tackling, no matter how “simple” they are labels to be, so I expect this will take me some time to work up to.

I’m pleased with today’s results, although I should have quit while I was ahead – sticking with the cube and not the shading around it. I do need to take more time and be more methodical, because you can see they are not all actually dots. Some are “tadpoles” from rushing and/or holding the pen at an angle.

It was really fun, but so tiring, and this was small! Of course, that (& the portability) will make this a good theme this week as school is almost out (odd busy and dead/free times alternating) and I’m doing a short road trip with my mom right after. I’m going to have to do a lot of working ahead, but it will line up since this is a style that I can only do in very small segments. I can do several segments -as separate sessions – in a day but schedule them, and it balances out as if I did them on different days.
This will probably be my longest post of the week. I do these on my iPad, which I have a keyboard for. Unfortunately, I dribbled some coffee on it this morning, and it was already starting to work inconsistently, and now it types….funky. I have to use the on screen keyboard, which is tedious. In all honesty, it requires just as many corrections as continuing to use the other…. 

I’ve order a new one, but in the mean time I’m stuck with difficult typing, so most of these will be simple, and don’t be surprised if there are posts without my commentary. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from this technique and being able to transfer to future sketches.

One final note – my title came from one of my all time favorite Gary Larson “Far Side” comics:



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