Posted in Week 37 Tea 5/14/17 - 5/20/17

Ste[e]ping Out On My Own

See what I did there? 

Yes, I know my puns are lame.

Today you get to see what happens when I don’t have an image or model…on a good day. Like Thursdays and Arthur Dent, I had yet to get the hang of soft pastels.

I tried some layering, thus the weird colors. (I only own a wet of 12.) I tried to keep blending to a minimum, except for the liquid. I think the part that looks the worst is the “steam” – it’s oddly shaped,to start with, and the one on the right I messed up and it’s impossible to erase/fix soft pastel.

Given how awful I sketch when left to my own devices, it could be worse. The shape is fairly consistent and proportional. I did OK on how I applied color to the edge to give a sense of shape. I need to learn how to do that top down to give a better sense of depth, too. Something in these little daily sketches must be sticking, because this is more successful than most of my “on my own” drawings.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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