Posted in Week 36 Amusement Park 5/7/17-5/14/17

I Won’t Ride the Teacups, but I’ll Draw Them

A lot of carnival/amusement park images popped up on my Pinterest feed last week, so I took it as a sign. Expect to see a variety of mediums. Today is colored pencils. Monday and Tuesday I’m busy, so pen doodles will most likely show up. After that, we’ll see.

Using this image I’m starting with a teacup ride. I like tea, I LOVE glassware, especially teacup, but spinning rides make me ill. I’ve ridden these once in my life, before I couldn’t do circles anymore, and even that was too much. The teacup ride is the WORST offender.

However, it was as fair challenge to sketch. My coloring skills need work. I didn’t want to just color it in, but the way I have white space isn’t quite working. I thought outline with a light gray colored pencil would be effective, and it work moderately, but not with the yellows or the lightest pink.

I accept it for what it is but have a lot of work to go for improvements.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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