Posted in Week 35 Garden 4/30/17 - 5/6/17

Similar Idea, New Day

After yesterday’s relative success, I thought I’d take another stab at a colored pencil sketch with a similar style. 

Here’s the site for the model image. (Also below)

Here’s my version:

I probably should have used blending tools. I didn’t want flat greens and purples, so I drew over the base with additional 9similar0 colors) but it’s not worked in as smoothly as it probably should be.

Working top down and center out, the further down/out I went, the less I liked it. I’m pretty happy with the center plant, though not so much the pot. The purple flowers are OK, but something seems off about them (even not wanting to be EXACTLY the the original), and the blue and dark green and out outer edges are just lazy and sloppy. 

(I skipped the roses, because I just didn’t want to deal with them, and I was running out of room.)



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