Posted in Week 35 Garden 4/30/17 - 5/6/17

Something Different, Slightly New

Different style

Different (and relatively new) medium

(Slightly) different focus

In searching for garden sketches involving a trellis, I ran across this image:  found on this website.

The garden part isn’t as clear or focused as the fence (for good reason considering the website it”s from), but I felt like I could tackle it. 

Taking out my colored pencils, I gave it a shot. The style is sloppier than I prefer, but I think that’s good for me and my development. I didn’t use any blending tools, just went for it and accepted what happened on the paper.

My biggest concern is that since the plants are so “scribbly” that it’s not as garden-focused as I intend. I can live with that. The topic of garden is a means to an end, and my main END is to develop and experiment in sketching/art.

Here’re my results:

I have no idea where that white streak in the bottom center came from. As I said, I didn’t use any blending tools, not even an eraser or my finger, but I wonder if I somehow scraped it.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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