Posted in Week34 Hats 4/23/17-4/29/17

A Little Bit of Face Time

One side benefit of this week’s theme is that it’s difficult to not have at least part of a face, so it’s good practice.

I also learned that my .001 pen is basically dry, and I’ve barely used it. 😕 That was helpful to do a veil today, but not so happy all things considered.

Since I had more time today, I went a bit fancier. The face took a second try (we shall not discuss the deformity I originally drew). Yes, it still has issues – that nose/brow curve is a bit heavy, and I’m not sure the spacing works – but it’s fine for my purpose.

My lines on the hat are not as exact as I’d like, and the details near the bangs was hard to decipher from the model on this Pinterest post, and the one edge on the veil is more thick than I prefer, but I did what I could and am more pleased than not. All that is nit picky.

One thing I really like is the back part of the veil and how it stylistically matches that typical fashion sketching, especially for mid 20th century fashion and pattern packages. It’s a style I really like but is more difficult than you”d think to match. It’s “messy” (in a not always coloring inside the lines and sometimes those lines are uneven or overlap kind of way) but accurate. I just think it looks cool.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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