Posted in Week 33 More Pinterest Art 4/16/17 - 4/22/17


This is the first one in quite a while for which I have almost no negative criticism.

That being said, even though I like everything about it but ONE thing, does that mean it’s perfect? Of course not. For one, I’m still learning. For another, I have yet to pull an idea from my own head and put it to paper. So far, I’ve been using models – real life (although few), photographs, and a great deal of Pinterest. 

My own ideas are the ultimate goal, but I have trouble making the connection and also keeping the picture in my head consistent. Plus, by using other work as models, I’m learning about angles, proportions, shadows, and appropriate detailing and shading. It’s slow process, and I can’t always figure out the why behind some of it, but at least I’m learning what is typical and what does (and doesn’t) look good.

Here’s a link to the original artist’s work, and here’s my version:

And what’s the one thing I don’t like it about, you may wonder? It’s the inconsistency in style. For the original artist, it works, but on mine there are certain things that stand out – the tree is the most obvious. And in using three different harnesses of charcoal pencil – and still learning – there are some stark (and inappropriate) contrasts.

But the sky, fence, and grass all look good. I didn’t realize that the power line was crooked until I looked at the photo, but it still looks decent. The water looks WAY better in the photo than real life, and even there I don’t dislike it.  The tree would be fine if it weren’t such a difference in drawing style, so even that’s OK for me. The angles and proportions seem to work. 

I’m just pleased with how it turned out.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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