Posted in Week 32 Constellation Painting 4/9/17 - 4/15/17

Acrylic Intermission – Space Icons (part 1)

Yesterday I indicated I had a couple of busy days this week, so I wouldn’t work on the painting every day. Today was the first, as I can finally return to the knitting group, now meeting at our brand new art center!

In keeping with the space theme, here are some icons. I went with the bullet journal, as the pens I use in it (Bic felt tips) are ones I have a much wider color range for. (When I do pen sketche I use a very small set of Prismacolors.)

The first one – “Earth” – did not turn out as well as it should. Coloring it in was a bad idea.

I’m pretty happy with the middle, too, although the colors are smudgy on “Jupiter.” 

Once I got to the edge, my circles got significantly worse, so the solar system is pretty shoddy.

We may see more icons later this week, as Wednesday is always cramped, and Saturday I’m spending with my family for Easter.

I’m still looking for advice/suggestions for my painting! Feel free to revisit that post and comment!



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