Posted in Week 32 Constellation Painting 4/9/17 - 4/15/17

Out With the Old 

One would think that after failing epically at constellations last week that I’d move on to something different. However, after the first day, I had a new idea, and I’m hoping it’s an opportunity to redeem myself.

I’ve had this:  hanging in the extra bedroom for quite some time. It’s from one of those art and whatever (sometimes wine, sometimes treats – this was just treats because it was held at a community center) classes that are popular right now.

My friend and I have attended several at this community center and are generally pleased with the results. This was led by our favorite instructor, Mary, but it IS one of her more “out there” ideas. 

But I enjoyed the technique employed. We did some color work first, mostly blotchy, swirly colors. Then we blotted white everywhere except where we wanted blossoms, then added swirls and stems to make the abstract flowers.

My friend has wavier stems, so she compares hers to something else, which I now cannot unsee. Because of that I’ve wanted to paint over this for a long time – itand  is the least favorite I’ve done at these classes – but I can’t get past the fact that I paid money to do it, so good or bad, painting over it was like wasting that money. (I have similar feelings about clothes that I rarely wear.)

But now I’m ready….or at least as ready as I will ever be.

Today was my favorite part: backgrounds. I had a really hard time gettting the color and areas of color that I had in mind (and from photographs), but I think it will work. I’m more concerned about brush strokes – and stray brush hairs (I expect more from Dailey and Rowney) – distracting from what it is supposed to be – the night sky – but I refuse to let that bother me until I add the rest.

What I can’t decide is whether I should apply the general glitter stars first or do the constellations first with the glitter on top. My initial plan was to do the former. However, my main concern is that everything blends. Although I have some small gems, I will most likely paint the dots for the constellation points. (Another decision to make.) Either way, I want it visible but not to stand out TOO much.

I also have two sizes (and three colors) of glitter in mind. Not sure if I should use larger ones – sparingly – overall, with the smaller heavier in the 4center swatch (a la Milky Way) or vice versa or something else.

If you have advice or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment.

The painting may not take a full seven days, and I know I’ll have less time to work on it Monday, Wednesday, maybe Friday, and definitely Saturday. Instead of working ahead to make up for those days, I may do some space doodles, maybe in my bullet journal, so I don’t have to carry my small sketch book and pens with me. (Though there is value in doing so, as itt will allow me to fill up the last few pages.)



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