Posted in Week 31 Constellations 4/2/17-4/8/17

I Stand by this Decision

The decision to add the (parts) of constellations still in this non-proportional sky view but without adding t he drawings.

Although its counterproductive to improving drawing skills, I learned early on this week that this was not an effective method to do that. However, there was a secondary benefit – learning constellations – that was served this week, including today.

Main reasons I stand by the decision:

1 – It still allowed me to learn constellations, even though angles and distances are off.

1b. This will help me in astronomy and with next week’s project.

2 – Basically, I had no room.

2b. With the exception of The Charioteer (Auriga), these constellations were so cut off that an image was pointless. Basically, they’re feet. And even though I got the entire Auriga constellation in, there still wasn’t enough room to adequately draw him.

3. These weren’t being drawn well. At. All.

3b. They weren’t worth using another page in my bullet journal.

3c. I was getting tired of failure. Even on the rougher weeks I usually have one, if not two, days of relative success. I pushed through even though I was DONE with this project by the second day.

4. It does allow the scene to focus on Orion the hunter without the extra characters that have nothing to do with that. We see him hunting the bull, with other game (the hare, the unicorn) nearby, and followed by his two trusty dogs, which the Greek gods put in the stars with him so he’d have companions. (That’s true. You can look it up. 😉)

I had thought of others while groggily waking from a nap earlier, but I can’t remember them right now.

Here’s the final image.



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