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The Native Project & a Fat Monoceros

Today was BUSY. We had an early out for parent teacher conferences which then morphed into our project based learning exhibition night.  Knowing this, the plan was to get my constellation done during sixth period drama two class while they put their director’s binders together.

As you can see, I am late. Sixth hour was ten hours ago…

Here’s what happened:

The principal came over the intercom saying there was good news, but he couldn’t tell us as an announcement but everyone -students, staff, faculty – EVERYONE had to go down to the auditorium. (Insert eye roll here: 🙄)

No one knows (well, one person, but she’s had to lie to us for three weeks) what this is. It did cross my mind that it was a clever way to get everyone out of the building without panic in case of a bomb threat or something. It wasn’t.

Now…I was pretty annoyed. The kids I have in this class really haven’t had time to work – they’ve had to listen to me lecture and cover the kind of information they need to plan for and include as they proceed with the one act plays they are directing. Today was the FIRST day they’ve had class time to work, there’s no school tomorrow, most of them are involved in the musical (so they haven’t had much time at home, either), and they’re due during class on Monday. 

(Although, to be honest, my seventh hour playreading class I wasn’t upset to miss. I like them and I LOVE Twelfth Night, but the activity we’re doing … I’m done with it.)

On our walk down, I run into my husband who showed me a selfie he took with the special guest we had. It was totally legit – not photo shopped. (More on this in a minute.)

This guest was Ashton Kutcher. Now, I’m not a huge fan, and I do have an issue with dropping everything for a celebrity, BUT for lack of a better word, Oskaloosa, IA is…humble. He’s from the state but not here, so it’s not like celebritie4s just hang out with us and show up at schools for attention.

However, he’s got this thing called the Native Project which involves community service and unity and developing a volunteer bank in case of disaster.

Our student council was participating. Whichever school/community got the most money donated and volunteers to sign up – won. I don’t remember what the full “prize” was but it did involve and appearance by Dallas Clark (no idea who this is) and Ashton Kutcher. So…it really was a pretty big deal. And although he CLEARLY is not very excited about getting a selfie with my husband, he gave a great speech and was awesome with the kids.

He was there with Mila Kunis. I didn’t recognize her until they were walking out. Remember when I said “more on this later” regarding the famous selfie? My husband didn’t recognize her either and pushed past her to get a photo with Kutcher. Dork.

The famous selfie: 

My photos aren’t as good, and he’s wearing a hat, but I swear this really happened. And it’s really our school. You can tell Oklahoma! Is set up on the side.

He’s the one with the mic. The dark haired girl in the gray sweatshirt is Kunis. She looked like a high school kid. 

I think this might have been on purpose. She was just there to be with him, not part of the project or the prize, and she may have wanted to keep a low profile. I didn’t even see it until she was walking up the aisle just inches away.
Here’s a photo taken my my fellow teacher Lauren Ernst and published by The Des Moines Register:

And that’s why my art is late. 

Today I added the unicorn. He’s pretty fat, and the lefts are dumb and the face looks stuffed, but the images of this constellation really vary, and horses are not something I’ve practiced.  

I’m hoping I can fit two more in on one page. This project isn’t worth spending more pages on. I can’t say it’s helped with my drawing skills, but it is helping me with learning constellations.

In all honesty, I can’t wait to be done with this week and move on to my painting!



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