Posted in Week 31 Constellations 4/2/17-4/8/17

The Hare Plows Ahead

Despite the disaster – and today’s errors, I am continuing with this theme.

I messed up on star placement, so he’s got a couple of extra ones on his behind, and some are too close together – the parallelogram just isn’t right, but it is the right idea. Some charts connect the front two stars or even a couple of smaller ones in the ears.. The image is “better’ than yesterday….only just, but it does make me wonder if adding additional constellations to one picture will make the crap drawing less obvious.

This process has inspired me. As I was searching images to use as models, I got this idea to cover one of my painting class paintings with some constellations — not with the drawn stuff around them, though. 

First, the painting I’m covering is not that good. It’s my least favorite one. The process was an interesting one, but my friend called hers something (I won’t say what – it’s funny but gross too) and once she pointed it out I oldn’t un-see it, even though mine doesn’t quite look like that.

This will probably be next weeks project because I already have something this week, and I’m just too busy with pit rehearsal, show week, parent teacher conferences, and our project based learning presentations. (But I did shop for supplies!)

I’m thinking of a dark blue/black background (love doing backgrounds in acrylic!!) with a lighter swatch in the center. I”lvl then get some glitter (not too heavy-handed) in that swath. This will be the Milky Way. Then I’ll pick a section of constellations (probably this one, as I really like Orion) and put in the stars – probably painted dots, because I want to add color to red giants such Betelgeuse, though small gem stones glued on is tempting. i may or may not add the lines. This I haven’t yet decided. There will NOT be images.

I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to start. I just hope I don’t lose enthusiasm, since I have to wait…



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