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The Last of the Biographical Blogs

I’ve been using blog ideas lists for my weekly posts, meant to be about me, my beliefs, ideas, interests, etc. I had two left before I had to come up with a new list.

 The first was “what’s in your makeup bag.” Seriously. When I saw that, I planned on skipping it, and I am. Aside from chapstick and a lip color of some sort (and something to tie my hair back), I am not in the habit of carrying makeup on a regular basis. And to blog about what’s in my collection is stupid, especially since I’m almost but not quite as far from a makeup aficionado as one can get.

The next was “why I blog,” I kind of already did this when I started this blog. The answer is: to make myself a better artist. I wanted to learn to draw and sketch. My goal was to do something every day. And I am. 

To hold myself accountable to doing something every day, I blog about it. I post my sketch every day – even the bad ones or the ones in progress. Sometimes I’m working ahead, but it still counts. Along the way, I intended to add the weekly bit so any followers I might accrue would get to know me better.

However, having that extra blog a week (such as this one) is getting to be too much. And no one cares. I’m not that interesting of a person, and if people are reading them at all, they’re not good enough to get likes. 

Now, I’m not in this for the likes per se, but I don’t like wasting my time or anyone else’s. My two best liked weekly blogs were the ones with the Ray Bradbury quote , and the one about places I’ve traveled. And I’m not hurt by this; really, I’m not. Plus, it detracts from the whole point of the blog as a whole – becoming a better artist.

So….I am retiring the weekly “me” post. That doesn’t mean this type of post won’t appear again; it just won’t be on a regular basis. If something that people might be able to relate to is going on in my life, or the world and I have an opinion or connection with it, or if something strikes me in any way, I will of course blog about it and share.  

To those of you who have read this and any of my other weekly posts (not just the daily sketch posts), even if you never clicked “like” (and if you didn’t, my feelings aren’t hurt and I’m not looking to make you do so), thank you. 

Now I can focus on the most important part – the art.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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